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Smart Case 3
Smart Case 3, Meets Hyundai Card
Compatible Products : iPhone 5/5s
Sold Out
Product Specification
1. Smart Case 3
Material :
Size :
Weight :
Polycarbonate, Aluminum
H126.5 x W62.5 x D11.6 (mm)
2. EMW Absorbing Card
Material :
Size :
Weight :
H54 x W85.5 x D0.8 (mm)
3. Finger Strap
Material :
Size :
Weight :
H100 x W9 x D0.75 (mm)
New design optimized for iPhone 5/5s
Perfectly harmonized with innovative design of the iPhone 5/5s, the Smart Case 3 has been designed to protect the iPhone from external shock while the improved design of the card compartment houses a maximum of two credit cards; all this without adding excess bulk and maintaining convenient to use. On top of this, a metal latch mounted on the back can be fitted with the included finger strap that is designed to be compatible with the Apple iPod Touch loop.
Smart Case 3, is available in a total of nine new colors, including newly introduced translucent milky color.
(The color of the product may look vary depending on the monitor.)
Smart Dot Pro
Bookmark Type Laser Pointer & Free Application
Support Apple iOS
Sold Out
Product Specification
: Aluminum, Polycarbonate, Stainless Steel
: 8.9 X 13 X 57mm
: 7g
Laser Diode Specification
1. Wavelength : 650nm
2. Operating Voltage : DC2.1V~2.5V
3. Operating Current : Under 30mA
4. Operating Power : Under 1.0mW
5. Laser Color : Red
6. Operating Temperature : -10~+40°C
7. Storage Temperature : -40~+85°C
8. Spot Diameter at 5 Meter : Under ¢8mm
The product should be used for the purpose of the laser pointer. Never shine the laser beam into the eyes of person or animal. Do not point the laser pointer at any vehicle, aircraft, vessel or other moving object. Children should NEVER be allowed to play with laser beam products. Do not point the laser pointer at mirrors, or other reflective surfaces. The product may get damaged due to exposure to extreme temperature, abrupt impact. Run the 'Smart Dot Pro’ Application while earphone or speaker is connected into the iPhone, it causes unpleasant noises. Please take care with caution.
Plug into the audio jack of the iPhone and use as a laser pointer, the exciting and innovative 'Smart Dot' has been reinvented as the Bookmark Type 'Smart Dot Pro' . Combined with a very robust design and convenient portability, along with now a crisper and brighter laser beam, it offers you even greater satisfaction.
In addition, the newly added features and improved performances of 'Smart Dot Pro' Application delivers an unprecedented, new surprising environment of presentation.
Smart Dot Pro
'Smart Dot Pro’ Application is an essential iPhone application. ‘Basic Mode’ activates the laser pointer On and Off, and ‘Presentation Mode’ activates the laser pointer as well as the easy and convenient presentation environment.
Bookmark Type 'Smart Dot Pro' is optimized with 'Smart Dot Pro' Application. The Stylus Pen Type 'Smart Dot' is highly recommended to use 'Smart Dot' Application.
Apple iOS
(Support above iOS 4.3)
iPhone 3gs
iPhone 4/4s
iPhone 5/5s
iPod Touch / iPad
Language support
Korean, English
Smart Sync
‘Smart Sync’ Program is a program that works on the computer. This must be installed and activated on the computer for the presentation to synchronize with ‘Smart Dot Pro’ Application on the iPhone to switch into ‘Presentation Mode’.
'Smart Sync' Program is an upgraded version of the ‘Host Program’. Recommend to use 'Smart Sync' Program to connect the Smartphone with the computer.
System Requirements
for Apple MAC
Above Mac OS 10.6
System Requirements
for Windows PC
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8 (To be supported)
Caution for Windows PC
Press ‘OK’ for Security Certification and Network Accessibility windows pop-up.
Language support
Smart Dot
Stylus & Strap Type Laser Pointer
Support iPhone 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5s
Sold Out
Strap & Stopper
Color Silicon Strap & Stopper Set
for ‘Smart Dot’ Laser Pointer
Sold Out
The ‘Smart Dot’ project was developed to enter new markets with the aim at delivering new users experiences by reinterpreting an already existing product in the market through true convergence of hardware and software.
Press Release
Smart Case 2
Insert Your Credit Card
for iPhone 4, 4s
Sold Out
Product Specification
: Poly Carbonate
: 118mm
: 61mm
: 12mm
: 9g
Money Clip
Insert in Your Smart Case
for iPhone 4, 4s
Sold Out
Product Specification
: Stainless Steel
: 86mm
: 54mm
: 5mm
: 2g
Smart Dot Teaser Movie
Smart Case,
Insert Your Credit Card
'Smart Case' is different from the average iPhone case. It does more than simply protect or add style. It was de100gned with the lifestyle of the user in mind. Its biggest feature is that it lets the user carry up to credit card. And it not only carry credit card, it can carry any type of card, be it a membership card, ID card or even a card-type mirror or money clip.
White Color
Blue Color
Pink Color
Orange Color
Red Color
Black Color