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Ankle Brace


- Ankle Brace is a functional ankle support brace, that solve
   a weak point of casting tapes/soft brace
- Ankle Brace gives to patient a treatment and active life
   able to activity and treatment
- Ankle Brace is designed for prevention, protection, reduction,
   reaction and treatment of ankle sprains
- Unique combination of slow recovery foam help to provide cushioning
   and comfort

FEATURES OF Thunder BraceTM(Ankle):

    · Ankle Brace effectively holds to left, right and bottom ligaments of
        around malleolar
    · Functional U-shape pad prevent to skin troubles
    · Rotation of rings help to hold efficiently
    · Suitable strap length & velcro position will fit either most children and adults
    · Ankle Brace is designed to help support and protect injured ankles.
    · Using elastic band promotes to hold of anterior talofibular ligament and inferior extensor retinaculum
    · Out wall is made of hard polypropylene promoting support ability
    · Using elastic band rise activity & support ability
    · Two way strap holds firmly

    · Upper & middle part of out wall is designed to fit human curvature
    · Slow recovery foam pad gives soft conformability
    · Easy to wear the shoe with brace

    · Specially designed foam pad gives extremely good permeability

    · Ankle Brace is easy to move and exercise with it
    · Hard polypropylene out wall gives maximum protection

    · Ankle Brace is made of harmless materials
    · The entire brace can be hand-washed in lukewarm water with a mild soap or detergent


    · Simple design & color give neat appearance

PART NAMES OF Thunder BraceTM(Ankle):



· FIG.1 Adjust medial bottom strap width to fit snugly.
· FIG.2 Adjust brace to your malleolar (make sure bottom of out wall touches the ground)
· FIG.3 Hold a brace with your one hand firmly. Turn around elastic band in forward direction
    with your other hand and fix.
· FIG.4 Turn around upper strap in backward direction first and hook it one ring.
· FIG.5 Move the other way around, hook it other ring and fix it.


· Apply Ankle Brace with the slow recovery foam pad centered your malleolar.
· You can use warm water with a mild soap or detergent for removing all sort of dirts from the brace
· Wear it over a sock
· Wear it in a sneaker or lace shoe

· Don't extremely pull strap or elastic band